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Natural health and optimal wellness is attainable through the right combination of planning, strategy, education and motivation. If you are looking to naturally treat the root cause of your conditions, rather than just masking the symptoms, look no further. Dr. Courtney Jackson is Portland’s Naturopathic Doctor, currently practicing in southeast Portland, Oregon. Her office is located at Vital Health and Wellness, a well-established integrative healthcare clinic.
Dr. Jackson is committed to providing her patients with the education and motivation needed to empower them to achieve optimal health. Her personal approach allows her to build individual connections with her patients, while working to solve their health problems. Dr. Jackson provides comprehensive evaluations and uses the best of modern and traditional medicine to address health conditions including:
If you are in the Portland area, Dr. Courtney Jackson would love to talk with you and developed a customized wellness plan to get you on your path to health and happiness. Please contact Dr. Jackson for your free health consultation.

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